Welcome to my stirling engines site. I'm making videos and web pages on Lamina Flow Stirling engines right now but this website is all about building anything.

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Most Recent Videos:

lamina flow stirling engine generatorHard Drive 1 - Stirling Generator

This is a Lamina Flow stirling engine generator in action. It only produces 8 milliwatts but it's a good start.

lamina flow stirling engine plansLamina 2 Plans

This video covers all the parts I used to build the Lamina 2 engine. The lamina 2 engine is very similar to the Lamina 1 with just a few improvements.

lamina flow stirling engine pistons and cylindersLamina 2 - 850 rpms

The lamina 2 stirling-like hot air engine reaches 850 rpm when run with a candle and reaches over 1700 rpms with propane. The magnet I used to balance the weight of the graphite piston flys off when the engine reaches 1723 rpm!

lamina flow stirling engine pistons and cylindersPistons and Cylinders

This video is about the most important part of a lamina flow or stirling engine and shows some of the piston cylinder sets I've used.

Lamina flow stirling engine plansLamina 1 Plans

This is a 2 part video that gives every dimension imaginable for the Lamina 1 engine. This is mainly just the lamina flow engine plans, not much info on construction techniques. To see the Lamina 1 being powered by solar energy check out the Lamina 1 - Solar Powered Lamina Flow Stirling Engine video.


solar powered lamina flow stirling engineLamina 1 - Solar Powered Lamina Flow Stirling Engine

This is a demonstration video showing the Lamina 1 in action. This engine will run off of a candle, propane, alcohol, or even the sun. For the plans on how to construct this motor yourself check out the Lamina 1 Plans video.